Commitment To Green

"Chris is so fun to work with--lots of laughs, yet she takes the work very seriously and is absolutely trustworthy. Not to mention reasonable!"

At Plant Decor, we've been all about green long before it was trendy. Green is our business, and we don't see it as an option: we see it as a must. From where we buy our plants to how we fertilize your landscape, we are committed to practices in both our interior and exterior work that promote the health of the individual and the good of the land.

We are a Certified Green Business, members of the Sustainable Contra Costa Network, and Bay Friendly Qualified Landscape Professionals.

Our Commitment To Green is demonstrated in the following practices:

  • Use of organic, nontoxic products whenever possible.
  • Use of plants that are grown in the USA, and ideally, locally, whenever possible.
  • Use of organic fertilizers.
  • Recycling and composting – Our goal is to send nothing to the landfill; just about everything is either recycled or composted.
  • Integrated pest & weed management – We use non-chemical methods to control pests and weeds whenever possible.
  • Promoting water efficiency – We just don't have water to waste in California. Our exterior staff includes several Qualified Water Efficient Landscapers. They know how to help you save money on your water bill and conserve one of our most precious natural resources. We encourage our exterior clients to choose drought tolerant, native species for their landscape, and to replace lawns with more water efficient landscaping. Additionally, we always recommend adding a natural bark mulch layer to exterior planting beds to reduce evaporation, conserve water and suppress weed growth.